We're changing the face of hiring, one hour at a time!

Like so many ideas, Hourly was born out of frustration with the status quo -- the frustration we experienced first-hand working freelance and having to hustle at the end of each job to find a new one. Like our members, we trolled the job boards, sent out countless resumes, networked -- only to either be inundated with work or experience the sheer terror of wondering when the next job (and paycheck) might materialize.

On the flip-side, we have visited the same job boards looking to hire staff, and found the process equally maddening. Anonymous online postings, sifting through endless emails, setting up phone interviews & meetings, vetting & reference checking, etc. To us, it seemed crazy that no simple system existed for matching employers to talented local candidates.

And so Hourly was born. Launched on Labor Day, our mission is simply to make the entire process of finding jobs and hiring new people, simple and straightforward. Rather than rely on flat resumes, we allow our members to create dynamic work profiles that showcases their skills and connects them with employers based on job type, location, availability, and so much more. Stop wasting your time searching and get back to work on Hourly.

Our Founders:

Brooke Dixon Co-Founder & CEO

As co-founder and developer of Hourly, Brooke brings more than 15 years of leading application development to the company. Brooke started his technology career at The Motley Fool, where he served as director of engineering, and helped to build the website from a startup into one of the largest web properties on the Internet. Since that time, Brooke has worked on a number of broad based strategy and engineering projects for Match.com, SONY, Hotlist.com, NBC Universal, The Port Authority of NY & NJ (Smart Card Program), Unity08 and The Publicis Groupe.

Lynn Dixon Co-Founder & COO

Responsible for the initial concept of Hourly, Lynn has spent the past 15 years spearheading business development and marketing for a broad range of leading Internet and traditional brick & mortar companies, including CBS MarketWatch (DowJones), The Motley Fool, Dreamlife.com (Tony Robbins/Learning Annex), Merrill Lynch, Young & Rubicam Advertising, and Daniel Boulud’s Feast & Fetes.